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WeTeach_CS for HS (19-20)

Whether you are a beginning computer science teacher or an experienced veteran, WeTeach_CS for HS provides all the instruction, materials, and support you need to teach a first year computer science course using three programming platforms: Scratch, Jeroo, and Java.

Big Ideas

Each module is structured around objectives that provide context and relevance for you and your students. Highlighted throughout the curriculum, Big Ideas can assist in assembling a big picture across the course.

From A to Java

We provide a suggested sequence to guide new CS teachers through the year, progressing from Scratch through Jeroo to Java - and our modules are flexible enough for experienced teachers to modify them for their classroom.

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Amazing Content, Amazingly Simple

Organized into modules for each of the programming platforms, our lesson plans are structured to optimize your teaching time and use all of the resources provided in the curriculum from labs to videos.

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Build From What You Learn

Our goal is "Coding from Day One" because we believe in hands on learning. Every lab and activity is an opportunity for your students to gain confidence and experience by applying what they’ve learned and receiving immediate feedback.

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WeTeach_CS for HS Together

Designed with teachers in mind, WeTeach_CS for HS offers professional support through an online help desk, virtual office hours with the course developers, and forums for peer to peer collaboration on the curriculum. We even have additional in-person and online professional development available.

Comprehensive Standards

We know you need to map your curriculum to the standards, so we’ve done the legwork for you. WeTeach_CS for HS is 100% aligned to the Computer Science I TEKS for Texas. Download the documentation to use your IMA funds to purchase the curriculum.

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Seeing is believing

Our Instructional Videos can be used by both you and your students to review and build on your understanding of the topics in each lesson. Solution Videos clearly show everyone what is expected when a programming solution is complete.

Pricing that fits

Find a plan that’s right for your needs, whether it’s one classroom or a whole district.

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